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About LaGasse Media

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LaGasse Media, LLC is a full service computer consulting and website solution company located in New York City.  
It was founded by AJ LaGasse to help small businesses get the most out of their computers, while allowing them to concentrate on their core business.

Besides being a computer consultant, AJ LaGasse has worked for several major organizations throughout his computer career, and in the process has literally helped thousands of satisfied customers!

AJ LaGasse As a field engineer for 10 years at Quotron Systems, AJ had the opportunity to help major clients at Wall Street firms such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Cantor Fitzgerald, and Goldman Sachs. (Until the early 1990’s, Quotron Systems, Inc. was one of the world’s largest suppliers of financial information to brokerage firms and the stock exchanges).

NYPD – AJ LaGasse worked for the New York City Police Department for 5 years as a LAN Manager, and software developer. His knowledge of classified disciplinary systems was used in preparing statistical analysis reports for the Police Commissioner.

NYC Board of Correction – For 5 years, AJ developed highly specialized software for tracking inmates, incidents of violence, as well as a medical incident tracking system for the agency.

These organizations trusted AJ with their computer needs and data... so can you!

Residing in NYC, AJ enjoys creating abstract art in his spare time.